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Our equipment can access those hard to reach places when it is too difficult to run many lengths of vacuum hose to the area to be cleaned. Our custom built vacuum trailer is short enough to fit into any parking garage – the height is only 6’6″ and can hold approximately 1,000 gallons.

If the job is bigger, we also have a vacuum truck that can hold approximately 2,000 gallons.


Or, for your larger jobs, we have two additional vacuum trucks that can hold about 4,000 gallons each.

We also have a highly effective Ridgid digital and color sewer camera inspection and Ridgid locating equipment. The capabilities and findings of this equipment is well worth the cost. We can provide you a full color digital video or still pictures with a full write up report (in pdf format) of any findings while inspecting the inside of any type of piping from 1 1/2 inches up to 6 inches. In the picture below we identified a pipe drainage issue – a long saddle or sag in the line which slowed the waste water from draining out of the pipes and actually caused clogging and back ups of the pipes.


We can rooter a line and so can any other plumber or handyman…but we have a high pressure sewer jetter than can be dialed in with diesel power anywhere from 500 to 4,000 psi and reach lengths up to 500 feet!


Green Arrow Environmental Services

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